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02 April 2015 | Анонси

We invite you to participate in the International scientific conference "Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials"

We invite you to participate in the International scientific conference "Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials". The event will be held August 26-29, 2015, Lviv. The registration deadline - April 15, 2015.

01 April 2015, 16:24 | Новини

In Kiev, discussed the current state and prospects of development of information security support

    March 31, 2015 in National University of Defense of Ukraine held a scientific conference "Information Security in the military sphere. Current state and prospects ".
   The event was held in conjunction with the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine. The conference was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Information Policy, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Security Service, the Interior Ministry, the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection, State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine, National Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of Ukraine, Donetsk Regional State Administration, Central Research Institute of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, scientific and teaching staff, associate and doctoral students of the National University of Defense of Ukraine and other military higher educational institutions, non-governmental and civil society organizations on the profile information security.

13 March 2015, 13:04 | Новини

"Technoserv Ukraine" received the highest status Elite Data Center Partner of APC by Schneider Electric

   The company "Technoserv Ukraine", a system integrator in Ukraine, has received the highest partner status of Elite DataCenterPartner from APC by Schneider Electric.
   This status is given to companies that promote solutions APCbySchneiderElectric based architecture InfraStruxure, intended for the construction of engineering infrastructure wiring closets, server rooms and data centers. Achieving the status of Elite DCPartner speaks highly competent partner who demonstrates outstanding performance and professionalism in promotion decisions based on this architecture up to the construction of the most difficult decisions on the basis of production of APC by SE.

12 March 2015, 12:56 | Новини

«КАРБОН» - углеродный гемосорбент нового поколения

   Scientists of the Institute of Sorption and Problems Endoecology Ukraine developed an innovative carbon hemosorbent to clean the blood outside the body.
   Carbon Hemosorbents to clean the blood outside the body used in clinical practice as an effective means of detoxification for poisoning and a number of serious diseases. They must meet the complex set of medical and technical requirements, namely to be biocompatible with blood, have high mechanical strength and a strong sorption capacity in a wide range of harmful and toxic substances that accumulate in the blood of patients. To satisfy these requirements can only materials with desired surface chemistry, porosity developed in a very wide range of pore sizes and large specific surface values ​​of indicators of internal pores.

12 March 2015, 12:04 | Новини учасників мережі

Farmers, scientists created the Institute of Foreign advisors

   Presidium of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute creates foreign advisors NAAS Ukraine to attract foreign colleagues experience in the reform of Agricultural Sciences. The first witness counselor president of the Institute of the Academy of Yaroslav Hadzalo handed the head of the "German-Ukrainian Policy Dialogue" at the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting Saas Volker.

10 March 2015 | Події

Joint competition NAS of Ukraine and CNRS - PICS-2016-2018

The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NAS of Ukraine) and the National Centre for Scientific Research of France (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) on the basis of their Agreement announce a competition for joint projects PICS 2016 for financial support for basic research in the following areas of expertise :
(01) mathematics;
(02) Physics and Astronomy;
(03) Informatics;
(04) technical sciences;
(05) Earth Sciences and Environment;
(06) Life Sciences;
(07) chemistry;
(08) Socio science.

09 March 2015, 11:47 | Новини

Engineering Thermophysics for civil and military purposes

   On his design for industry, housing and communal services and the army told scientists of the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
   One of the primary challenges for the modern economy as a whole (both in Ukraine and in the world) and the energy sector in particular is to save energy. Suggest a decision may thermal physics - scientific branch, which combines a number of disciplines that form the theoretical basis and teplotehnolohiy energy industry, housing, and more recently - and the army. This is the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics (Institute of Engineering Thermophysics) NAS Ukraine told the program "Science: Historical and Archeological 'UTR channel.


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