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Production of herbal drug (LSR).

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Опубліковано: 25 October 2012 Кінцева дата: 25 January 2023
Країна: Україна

The company offers production of herbal drug (LSR) according to the rules of good manufacturing practice cultivation and collection of medicinal plants (Good Agricultural and Collection Practice - GACP).

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Production, drugs, plants, raw materials, research station.

Опис пропозиції

The creation of innovative enterprises, the main subject of which is the production of herbal drug (LSR) according to the rules of good manufacturing practice cultivation and collection of medicinal plants (Good Agricultural and Collection Practice - GACP).

Establishment of the plan based on existing infrastructure Experimental Station of Medicinal Plants (DSLR) Institute of Agriculture Northeast.

The research station is located in the centre of clean region Poltava region, has 92 years of experience in complex solution of creating raw materials herbal remedies. The scientific and industrial potential station allows you to grow high quality herbs in your own area of ??300 hectares. In addition, neighboring DSLR specialized farms have many years of production technology for herbal drugs DSLR a total area of ??5000 ha.

The project provides:

• Establishment of energy saving companies producing herbal drug (LRS);

• providing him the necessary logistical support that will in a short time to meet the needs of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy chain in the raw materials of European quality;

• certification of raw materials for European requirements;

• developing technologies of organic medicinal raw materials and suitable for baby food;

• processing technologies herbal drug for the needs of organic livestock and veterinary services;

• a consulting network and regional offices in all regions of Ukraine;

• development of marketing programs in Ukraine and export orientation.

Planned annual production of the next product, the deficit of which is the Ukrainian market of 50-60%:

Altehaea officinalis, Atropa belladonna, Valeriana officinalis, Mentha piperita, Digitalis lanata, Calendula officinalis, Inula helenium, Plantaqo major, Plantaqo psillium, Matricaria chamomilla, Silibum marianum, Leonurus cardiaca, Ononis arvensis, Bidens tripartita, Helichrysmn arenarium, Echnacea, Galega officinalis, Salvia officinalis, Scutellaria baicalensis

and other herbal drugs on demand of consumers. Also planned to conduct research on the introduction and cultivation of medicinal plants varieties of European breeding perspective for Ukraine and expansion aromatic crops, demand for marketing networks. For research, technology and consulting support will involve professional potential.


Тип технології


Сфера застосування

Agricultural science and its practical application, the environment and ecological safety, the use of nature.

Технічні та економічні переваги

Advantages joint partnership:

-The concept of producing herbal drugs based on the principle of a single organizational and technological cycle, which combines all stages of cultivation of medicinal plants to process them in the raw material and production of the final product. This allows you to create a common interest in the production of high quality products;

- Central plant for the production of ORS is located in the village. Berezotocha in clean Lubensky Raion, which for centuries considered "bathroom garden" of Ukraine;

- Production of raw materials will be carried out on lands specialized farms a total area of ??5000 ha;

- These farms have long experience of LSR.


Iнноваційні аспекти

Available range of services for the implementation of agricultural technology with minimal cost and damage to the environment, the maximum economic benefit from the introduction of technology.


Де була представлена технологія

In agricultural enterprises in Ukraine.


Практичний досвід застосування

Agricultural enterprises of Ukraine.

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The company proposes to implement and looks for a buyer of technology, strategic partner or investor for their commercialization and implementation, project coordinator for participation in FP7 RP8. The variants of cooperation that bring closer technology to implement: investment, strategic partnerships, participation in international projects that will improve the status of development and so on.

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The company is a member of COST Cooperation in Science and Technology and is a branch of COST 859 (Agronomy and Biotechnology), and maintains close links with research institutions of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Germany and others. Custom architectural

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