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Technologies of production fermented bacterial agents.

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Опубліковано: 03 October 2018 Кінцева дата: 03 October 2020
Країна: Україна

Offered for implementing regulations on fermented bacterial agents, as well as services for the analysis of meat and dairy products.

Ключові слова:

Specifications, regulatory documentation, manuals, food, drugs, supplements, tests, equipment, bacterial, yeast, services.

Опис пропозиції

Offered services introduce new technologies to the following regulatory documentation, consulting, equipment, blood products, which will be produced by the documentation.


Production of bacterial fermented bacterial agents drugs.

1. Preparations for dry sour cream, buttermilk, yogurt, yogurt in capsules, milk cheese, sour milk, dairy products, including strains of bacteria - starter ViVo for dairy health-care food, Timmy - Simbilakt - M Timm - BMK, Timmy - Streptosan, cheese, dry foods - TU 15.5-00419880-100:2010.

2. Preparations for liquid milk cheese, sour milk, dairy products, milk products, special purpose, Matsu well, cheese - TU 15.5-00419880-100:2010.

3. Concentrate dry propionic acid bacterial, TU 46.39 GS 020-94.

4. Dry bacterial concentrate milk cheese, TU 46.39 GS 044-95.

5. Concentrate bacterial dry "SSC" (sour cream), TU 46.39 GS 073-96.

6. Concentrate bacterial dry "Symbilakt-M", TU 46.39 GS 074-96.

7. Concentrate bacterial dry "BATP-F", TU 15.5.-00419880-007-2001.

8. Leaven bacterial production dairy product "Bifivit" TU 46.39 GS 075-96.

9. Preparations for the production of bacterial fermented meat products, TU 15.5-00419880-101-2010.

10. Culture fermented bacterial agents vibrational-for sweet butter, TU 15.5-00419880-104-2010.

Small collection of probiotic cultures that ensure the production of functional products of high biological value. DCF Timmy makes a number of bacterial starter cultures VIVO for cooking at home.


Тип технології


Сфера застосування

Enterprises dairy industries.

Технічні та економічні переваги

Processing instructions for new products approved in the prescribed manner.

Drugs and supplements made pilot production and comply with applicable ND. Recommendations for their use.

Equipment manufactured by mechanical plant institute.

The aid installation and debugging process equipment.

Blood products produced by technologies will be conducted in certified laboratories.

Iнноваційні аспекти

Manufacturing process equipment research enterprise.


Де була представлена технологія

Businesses and shops for production of dairy products.


Практичний досвід застосування

Businesses and shops for production of dairy products.

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Тип організації:

Recommendations for the use of documentation and implementation technologies.

Підтримка, що надається при передачі технічного проєкту:

Offer advice on the implementation of technologies of production.

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