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KNU won a grant for the implementation of another international project

24 February 2015, 11:53

   Supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Western Scientific Center of Ukraine, and more than 20 companies, Khmelnytsky National University received a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland under the "Polish Aid 2015" in conjunction with the Society Integration East Europe to create a specialized laboratory complex Studies of natural minerals.
   The strategic goal of the "Eco-innovation for business. Specialized laboratory studies of complex natural minerals "is to strengthen the market position of Ukrainian enterprises through the implementation of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies of mineral sorbents for wastewater treatment and rehabilitation of natural resources.
   In Khmelnytsky National University for a long time engaged in the development of innovative technologies for use in industry of natural mineral saponite significant deposits of which are located in the Khmelnitsky region. University scientists have experience with the study of the sorption properties of natural minerals to improve processes industrial wastewater treatment. Development of innovative technologies rational use of sorbents according to their regeneration, thus achieving maximum extraction of contaminants from wastewater and ensure sustainability of production.
   It is worth noting that the first project in collaboration with the Society Integration of Europe - East in 2012-2014 years in Khmelnytsky National University has been successfully implemented projects ECO-Operation, Poloniynyy multytsentr research, project support Polish language and organized 4 Polish language schools Youth of Ukraine in Keltsah, which was attended by nearly 100 experts from Khmelnitsky and Vinnitsa.
The project "Eco-innovation for business. Specialized laboratory studies of complex natural minerals "in the KNU will strengthen the Polish - Ukrainian cooperation, conservation of natural resources and the competitiveness of domestic enterprises.
   According to the Department of International Relations KNU

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