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In Kharkov created the drug for aid to the wounded on the battlefield

03 December 2014, 11:55

Scientists Kharkiv Science and Technology Complex "Institute for Single Crystals" NAS of Ukraine have created a unique drug for anesthesia and disinfecting of wounds in the field. This was reported by Head of the Laboratory of technology and of the quality of the candidate of pharmaceutical sciences Elena Bezugla.

     "In our spray aerosol packing in preparation for treatment of wounds no foreign counterparts. This original combination drug that has a broad spectrum of antibacterial and analgesic action, which is especially important in the field in the area of TU. Therapeutic foam volume of 700 ml, released with one press of a container weighing only 60 grams, is able to close a large wound surface and acts ... during the day, giving time to transport the wounded to the hospital, "- said Bezugla.

     She also noted that the development is protected by copyright certificates, but to the industrial application has not yet been reached.

     "It requires producers concerned and interested customer. While they are not. Activities farmpredpriyatiya mainly aimed at providing retail pharmacies, "- added Bezugla.

     As CEO of STC "Institute for Single Crystals", Doctor of Chemistry Valentine Chebanov for implementing these drugs need government support.

     "In 2014, the state program on all targeted drugs have been closed due to the revision of the budget because of the difficult situation. However, the Ministry of Education announced a competition for manufacturers of spray-on drug procurement, but the terms are not discussed. We hope that the issue will be resolved, and will show interest in the drug and the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defense, "- said the director general of the Institute.

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