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Methods for cleaning up polluted waters.

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Опубліковано: 26 September 2012 Кінцева дата: 05 March 2023
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The method of installation and cleaning contaminated water, including - purification and desalination of sea water refers to the technology of purifying and desalinating contaminated, including saline water by distillation at reduced pressure. Method and described installation for its implementation can be used in industry, utilities, construction, etc. - Where there is a need for technical and drinking water in the presence of a sufficient number of contaminated and saline waters, including - sea water.

Ключові слова:

Pollution, water recovery, heat, desalination, sea water, saline.

Опис пропозиції

Solution of the technical problem is achieved by the fact that in the known method of desalination of sea water, which includes sampling of fresh sea water, heat it constantly circulating in the circulation loop working fluid supplementary heat source, reducing the operating pressure and evaporation under reduced pressure, condensation of water vapor from accumulation of distillate in team capacity and diverting distillate consumer selected fresh sea water from subsurface layer heated sea additionally heated it with a mechanical Hydro pump - heat generator with simultaneous increase static pressure in the main stream of water at the outlet of the heat generator and reduced static pressure in the flow of water on its entrance, the flow of water exiting the heat generator is further cavitation in pipe Venturi. This water vapor from cavitation bubbles is used to obtain the distillate, and the resulting pressure drop in the flow is used to move the material flows in the process.

This divide flow at the outlet of the Venturi tube into two streams: the first, central water flow and the second peripheral stream water mixes with steam cavitation bubbles of the wall layer in the diffuser pipe Venturi. The second stream is a mixture of water with steam cavitation bubbles separated into vapor phase and water vapor phase through heat exchanger-condenser serves as distillate in team capacity and water after discharge vapor phase is introduced into the main stream in the throat area of ??the Venturi tube. This condensed water vapor by cooling it in a heat exchanger-condenser flow of fresh seawater.

At least part of the first, the central stream of the exit tube Venturi served as a circulating stream input-Hydro pump heat generator by ejection which form, accelerate and served in heat generator flow of fresh sea water, while further reducing the expense ejection operating pressure in the national capacity for distillate .

Тип технології


Сфера застосування

Water treatment contaminated with soluble liquid and soluble ingredients, including sea water contaminated with petroleum technical and natural water, etc. by thermal distillation under reduced pressure. The invention can be used for purification and desalination of sea water at low pressure in stationary and mobile units, as well as plants floating on the sea surface in coastal areas where water is especially warm sunlight, and can be used in industry, public utilities industry as well as agriculture and construction, where necessary using distillate, drinking and industrial water, including - technical contaminated oil and natural water.

Технічні та економічні переваги

The peculiarity of the proposed technical solution is to use a mechanical heat generator as a heat source and simultaneously - as Hydro pump in the technological process of distillation. Another feature of the proposed technical solution is the use of solar water heat and high heat recovery during distillation.


Iнноваційні аспекти

High economic efficiency due to use in the process of distillation of heat accumulated in the water and deep heat recovery.


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Experimental equipment.


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