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Interferential compression screws

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Опубліковано: 02 December 2018 Кінцева дата: 10 January 2023
Країна: Україна

Developer offers: Interferential compression screws. The essence of the utility model: Screw made of cast magnesium based alloy for osteosynthesis, comprising zirconium, neodymium, zinc, and silver, wherein the screw rod is a cylinder of a two-thirds the length of the head, the distal portion of the rod is in the form of a cone with an angle of inclination of the thread and has a rounded thread tops. Provides enhanced security and simplify the input of the screw in the bone canal, reducing tissue trauma thread and providing replacement bone cavity, where the screw, the bone tissue.

Ключові слова:

Orthopedics, fixing ties biorezorbtion screw.

Опис пропозиції

       In carrying out plastic surgery typically use methods that are implanted in fixing link in the bone canal. For compression communications channel used interferentni screws. They come in different shapes and are made of different materials such as titanium, steel, and so on. A common drawback of these screws is that they are foreign body in bone structure.

      The basis of the invention the task improvement screw using other biodegradable materials for its production and changing the shape of the screw elements that will improve the effectiveness of treatment, namely, increase safety and simplify administration to the bone screw channel reduces tissue injury carvings and provide a replacement bone cavity , where the screw bone.

Тип технології


Сфера застосування

Utility model relates to medicine, namely, orthopedics and traumatology and medical equipment, and can be used in the treatment of damaged structures of ligament of large joints.

Технічні та економічні переваги

Casting alloys, of which the screw has significant advantages over known. In conducting plastics connectivity using screws with the specified magnesium alloy proliferative cell activity is not impaired. Mechanical resistance of the propeller corresponds mechanical strength of bone. The presence of Mg in the alloy of which the screw implant improves the adhesion of osteocytes and not hindered the development of the cell. The alloy causes a local antibacterial effect in the implant, thus reducing the risk of inflammatory complications and increase its strength, ductility. Additives are ground structure, reducing the solubility of the alloy, it is possible to control its solubility and receive the required timing of its dissolution in the body.

Iнноваційні аспекти

Occurs complete resorption of the screw, bone channel is replaced by bone tissue.

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