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Method of processing etching solutions

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Опубліковано: 14 March 2018 Кінцева дата: 14 March 2023
Країна: Україна

The invention relates to the industry - chemical industry, including the recycling of production - pickling solutions. Need a buyer of technology, strategic investor for international patenting and implementation, or project coordinator for participation in FP7-8.

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etching solutions

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In the U.S., 1 / 3 of hydrochloric acid produced is used for the purpose of etching metals.

Known methods for regeneration of pickling solutions by neutralization, heat treatment, ion-exchange processing and extraction. Etching solution is from 0,5-10 wt. % HCl, and from 10-26% FeCI2 [1, sec. 209].

All multistage methods, require energy costs, have a great koroziynist.

A new method of processing the pickling solution in a single stage, and processed chlorine in HCl - product more expensive and need organochlorine industry.

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