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Method of fertilization cereal-legume mixtures

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Опубліковано: 23 May 2018 Кінцева дата: 23 May 2020
Країна: Україна

The research institution that conducts research on forage production offers a way to introduce cereal-legume fertilizer mixtures, which enables to obtain high yield of meadow feed high quality (hay and class) and energy value (yield from 1 hectare: 9.8 tons of fodder units , 1-1,4 tons of digestible protein, 100-110 GJ of energy exchange). NDU is looking for a buyer of technology, strategic partner or investor for its implementation.

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The method, fertilizer, grains, beans, herbage

Опис пропозиції

Development, testing and implementation of scientifically sound systems of agricultural sectors in the region;
Derivation of promising varieties of grain and forage crops and tobacco, improvement of existing breeds of cattle, horses and pigs in order to preserve their gene pool and increase productivity, create breeding and high stocks;
Manufacture and sale of elite seed potatoes, grain, forage and other crops;
Rationale for placement, methods and techniques of growing crops, breeding and keeping of farm animals;
Development of fodder, increase productivity of natural pastures, a pasture;
Development of scientific principles of full feeding of farm animals, rules and types of feeding rations for increased productivity and reduced costs of feed;
The study, development of methods of prevention and prediction of known and new diseases of animals;
Development of diagnostic, medical and immunostimulating agents for the purposes of veterinary medicine;
Developing effective models of organizational and economic relations in APV.

Тип технології


Сфера застосування


Технічні та економічні переваги

Increased productivity

Iнноваційні аспекти

Small costs - large harvests

Де була представлена технологія

Ternopil region

Практичний досвід застосування

Pilot Farm

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A joint project

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A joint project

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A joint project

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