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How to get cheap energy from water: interesting development

13 April 2015, 12:09

    Scientists from the University of Colorado at Boulder have developed a new method of environmentally friendly fuel - hydrogen - from solar energy and water. The developers claim that their invention allows to obtain cheap energy, and most importantly - the process is environmentally friendly.
    The idea of ​​scientists is to split water into oxygen and hydrogen using solar energy. For the reaction will need oxides of metals (iron, cobalt and aluminum) and high temperatures - some components need to warm up to 1350 degrees Celsius.
    Water will be available in special tanks, mounted on top of the tower at a height of several tens of meters. Aimed at tower plenty of mirrors help collect energy at one point and heat some substance to the desired temperature.
    When heated metal oxides, oxygen atoms are released, and the newly formed compound attracts free atoms of oxygen. The interaction of water vapor that rises when heated, oxygen atoms are attracted to metal oxides and hydrogen is released in the form of hydrogen gas, according to the website of the University of Colorado.
    "We have developed something that is very different from other methods. Frankly, nobody had ever thought possible - said Professor Alan Veymer, head of the research team. - When we saw that we can use this simple and more efficient method of [getting fuel], we had to change my thinking. "
    Ease developed method to produce hydrogen that all reaction may be conducted at a temperature that matter do not require refrigeration, as it should be adopted by means of hydrogen present in the laboratory.
    "While we can easily provide a temperature greater than 1350 degrees Celsius, we want to heat the reactants to the lowest possible for these chemical reactions temperature. Excessive heat can cause rapid thermal expansion and contraction, which can lead to damage of chemical materials and reactor "- said co-author Christopher Munich development.
    In order to accumulate the required temperature on the tower and mirrors around it will be placed in an area of ​​several thousand square meters.
However, the commercial launch of ecological hydrogen from water until it comes - author of the study said that the reason for this is the low price of natural gas.
    "With such low prices for natural gas have no incentive to use environmental energy. Would be significant fines imposed on carbon emissions, or should raise the price of fossil fuels, "- said Alan Veymer.
    Note that the term "hydrogen energy" appeared in 1970, and some scientists call it promising area because of its environmental performance. Developed and hydrogen engines. Some cars and buses running on hydrogen, in Europe and the US are even hydrogen fueling stations.

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