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Inventions young scientists for the needs of soldiers ATO

21 April 2015, 11:33

   Students of Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine reported on its developments in the field of defense and medicine.
   Pupil ninth grade Julia Senyuta from the Ternopil region developed a project bronezahysnoho element for protecting light and heavy machinery. The girl was very strong motivation to work on the invention. "My uncle nine months ago, joined the army as a volunteer, took part in the fighting near Donetsk airport in Ilovaisky was seriously injured - said the girl. - He infantry fighting vehicle driver. " Julia began to think how to protect drivers and crews of light and heavy armor. Proposed inventor armor consists of two "pies". First - layers of rubber, silicone filler translated. Second - layered composite armor. Without disclosing details except to say that this "cake" provides cumulative jet dispersion as if hit with a grenade launcher and kinetic energy if pidkalibernyy whole shell, which is most commonly used in the area of ​​TU.
    Julia has demonstrated his invention at National competition-defense scientific research Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, which lasts almost a month in the capital. Overall it involved almost 1,300 students - winners of regional stages of the competition.
   - This year's competition is very patriotic. Previously we used this epithet to work mainly contestants branches of linguistics or folklore, now these were technical or computer projects, "- said the president MAN Ukraine corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine Stanislav O. Long.
   Director MAN Ukraine PhD Oksen V. Forest notes that, say, the contestants department of Technical Sciences presented a number of projects on military subjects.
   Thus, young scientists have ideas to facilitate the work of physicians in terms of fighting. For example, Anastasia Babenko of Kyiv project developed an autonomous vacuum cooler to transport bodies. Compared to similar setting to 40% longer retains biological material, and easy to maintain. Vladimir Pavlov winery - Mobile opto-electronic device that allows you to see the peripheral circulation in wounds.
    Hit of the season - the work relating to the drones. Pupil of Kyiv Vladislav Klybanivskyy suggests using them for border protection. A student working on two projects at once, to find out which options best suited to the aim pursued. "The drones will be set camera that automatically handles images and to record each border crossing - says the inventor. - The machine automatically perform flight at a distance of 20 kilometers in one direction, and at the same distance - to another. During the flight, the image transmitted to the controller, where, in fact, it is processed and, in the case of illegal border crossing will be immediately sent alarm. Currently implemented only part of my project, because more time is needed for its completion and lack of funds. But prototype already exists. We found a Ukrainian company that is ready to become a sponsor, but they can not pay all costs, so look for those who are willing to contribute to financing development. "
    Capture is advanced automatic control system Alexei Maximov from Odessa. In the event of failure of the control system (eg through enemy attack electromagnetic pulse) UAV does not fall helplessly, and includes automatic control mode and returns to the predetermined position. For refinement of the invention requires five thousand dollars.
    Subject Research student Ivano-Frankivsk Physical-Technical Lyceum Basil clerks - "Method of destruction of aircraft." "To maintain strategic tactical reconnaissance in enemy zone ATO extensive use of Russian drones - says Basil the motives that prompted him to undertake such development. - Every day dozens of our fighters fixing devices, of which only a few manage to destroy. We propose to use radio-controlled model airplanes to destroy small enemy drones. They are equipped with explosive devices. Using remote radio control and camera radiosposterezhennya we catch up enemy drone. At the time of the collision triggered the detonator, and model airplane explodes, destroying enemy drone. Tests have proven the effectiveness of this method. Our model price - about 20 thousand. This is at least half the price of enemy drones. And the lives of our soldiers - priceless. "
     Another way of destroying enemy aerorozvidnykiv offers Oksana Murdza, Ternopil Lyceum student: "You can use electromagnetic bomb with a range of 100-200 meters, which defang minibezpilotnyy aircraft without causing damage to your own communications technology, intelligence and security. The device generates a powerful electromagnetic pulse that will operate within a radius of 100-200 meters. Impulse defang Electronic Equipment enemy drones, which is one of its most vulnerable places. I hope that my development will be realized. To complete the work required 3 thousand dollars. "
    - Aerorozvidka - a promising direction, but very difficult for development of devices and training, fundraising. That is why we organized a training school operators, which test the drones, improve them. Also in talks with investors and hope that interested them astray development - says the coordinator of the school aerorozvidky Alumni Association at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Alex Bucket.
  Oksen forest, director Junior Academy of Sciences:
- And the military and civilian development presented in the technical department this year's competition showed that Ukraine has significant potential talented future engineers that the country is not enough. It demonstrates an effective job search and support talented children in our country. Despite the hardships, she maintained good state. There is a problem implementing ideas astray into production, and above all it has solved state.
   Finally. Rejoicing because we have such talented children, we should remember that if the state did not support and young researchers and experienced scientists who generate ideas that will help with the production of Industrial Designs, the registration of copyright does not pay attention to ideas demonstrating students in such contests after a while we will face a much more difficult staffing problems than today.

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