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Meeting Chairman SSA Ukraine with representatives of the Spanish side of the Twinning project

02 February 2015, 12:36

   January 29, 2015 in SSA Ukraine met Chairman Oleg S. Uruskyi with the management of the Twinning project on the Spanish side.
   Spanish side presented the Twinning project manager Manuel Mulero Valenzuela, Deputy Project Manager Jose Manuel Horostyaha Uhalde, RTA Jose Ortuno Fernandez.
   The meeting was a discussion of the project of Twinning in SSA and attainments for Ukraine's space industry. In addition, the parties discussed issues of cooperation between Ukraine and Spain in the space sector.
   Project Manager Manuel Mulero invited the Chairman of SSA Ukraine to visit the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA) and see the space infrastructure Spain.
   Head SSA Ukraine expressed his interest and willingness for cooperation with European colleagues in the framework of Twinning, and supported the intention of deepening cooperation within other European initiatives.
   Press Service of Ukraine SSA

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