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Ukraine will join the European certification engineers

27 April 2015, 12:04

    April 23 National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", an international seminar "European certification engineers passport engineer and guarantee the quality of education", organized by the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine, Union of Scientific and Engineering Societies of Ukraine NTU "KPI" and the Association of rectors of higher technical educational institutions of Ukraine.
    The workshop brought together representatives of European engineering and educational associations, the government of Ukraine, business and industry leaders of a number of domestic universities and professors and students of NTU "KPI".
    The event was an important step towards European integration Ukrainian technical education.
    It should be noted that the profession of engineer feature is that the professional level is determined not only by his academic training, but also the ability to create new and professional experience. For these reasons come and European association of engineers in the activity of Certification. Legislator in this case serves European Federation of Engineering Associations (FEANI), which comprises approximately 350 engineering and scientific association of 32 European countries and almost 4 million professional engineers.
    In October 2014 the Federation of European engineering associations joined and Ukraine. Today FEANI implements three areas of accreditation of engineering specialties and certification of professional engineers:
- FEANI INDEX, ie for engineering programs (majors) that meet the standards of education; accredited or officially recognized at national level; with European standards and are recognized in the Union;
- Engineering Card («Passport" or "Card" engineer), each owner who introduced the common European register of FEANI, which is located in Brussels;
- EUR ING («European Engineer") - an honorary title for which the candidate should have a good engineering education, years of experience engineering research, analysis and design, as well as adhere to professional ethics.
    Consideration of these two areas were devoted separate sessions of the international seminar - "European passport engineer" and "European accreditation system engineering specialties."
    At the first session of the seminar Secretary General FEANI Dirk Boshar described the initiative on European certification engineers. On the organization of such work and the steps that you have to join the initiative FEANI, reported the head of the National Monitoring Committee of Ukraine Volodymyr Parkhomenko.
    His emotional speech information added Adviser to the Director of the State Space Agency of Ukraine Eduard Kuznetsov. He stressed the urgent need to raise our country prestige engineer and that in view of the scientific and technological achievements of Ukrainian experts, particularly in the space sector, domestic engineers joining the European community and receiving certificates is now urgent and important not only for Ukraine, but also in Europe.
    The second session of the seminar was opened speech President of the European Network for Accreditation of Education (ENAEE) Bernard Remo, who provided information on the procedures and requirements, compliance with which is mandatory for European accreditation of engineering programs (or, according to national regulations, specialties).
   Bernard Remo said that today an agreement on mutual recognition of certificates of engineering education has contributed 13 European countries.
   The fact that the leading Ukrainian technical universities are now ready to begin the path to European educational community in training engineers, witnessed by the Deputy Vice Rector of NTU "KPI" Sergei Hozhiya and Rector of Cherkasy State Technological University Tamara Kachala on issues of professional competence of university teachers, information and logistical support of the educational process in modern terms, networking with colleagues in European universities and so on.
   Extremely important outcome of the workshop was the signing of the Memorandum of pilot implementation of European initiatives between relevant Ukrainian and European organizations.
   Signatures to this document was chairman of the Association of rectors of higher technical educational institutions of Ukraine. Rector of NTU "KPI" Michael Zgurovsky and President of Council of Scientific and Engineering Associations of Ukraine Mykola Kyryuhin the Ukrainian side, and the Secretary General of the European Federation of Engineering Associations (FEANI) and Dirk president of the European Network for Accreditation of European education (ENAEE) Bernard Remo - from European organizations.
    According to Nikolai Kyryuhina by the end of this year Ukraine will join the European agreement on mutual recognition of certificates of engineering education.

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