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Magnetic System for Military Medicine and Disaster Medicine

22 April 2015, 12:59

    Scientists of the Institute of Solid State Physics, Materials Science and Technology National Science Center "Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology" developed magnetic system designed to remove metal items from a living organism.
    The fighting in eastern Ukraine Ukraine NAS forced scientists to adapt their development to the needs of soldiers - members of ATU. According to the World Health Statistics data, including injuries sustained in the fighting, most penetrating wound up. The main ones are hitting balls (23% of cases) and fragments of shells (62% of cases), which is a magnetic metal fragments. Given this, there is an urgent need for tools to work with firearms (including fragmentation) wounds. Devices with the desired properties - magnetic systems based super magnets Nd-Fe-B for use in military medicine and disaster medicine - has been developed by scientists of the Institute of Solid State Physics, Materials Science and Technology National Science Center "Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology" (NSC IFTTMT " KhPTI ").
    Usually during surgery for removal of metal particles from a living organism there is a need for deep cuts with increasing dose and duration of anesthesia. This can cause complications and even healing processes lead to increased mortality. Despite the extensive experience of the world battlefield medicine, surgical extraction (removal) of metal objects is still a confusing thing. Although preoperative diagnostic methods (such as radiography or fluoroscopy in real time) more accessible, but installation location extraneous metal objects (SMO) is still difficult, as they usually have a complex geometry, size and depth of penetration, and resistance tissue is heterogeneous.
    Based on years of experience in the development and manufacture of magnetic systems and general purpose considering their circumstances and newly emerging needs caused scientists IFTTMT NSC "KhPTI" was created special magnetic devices based on permanent magnets Sm-Co and Nd-Fe-B. Two magnetic trap design based on the first generation magnets Nd-Fe-B was made in October 2014, more powerful second-generation model - in March 2015. Specialists institutions have a separate high-energy magnet of ophthalmic biologically inert coating.
   Advantages IFTTMT developed in NSC "KhPTI" magnetic systems are primarily medical supplies their convenient form that allows you to make localization or surgical extraction QS shifting metal particles from the depths of the body to the skin surface or in an area where they can relatively safely removed. Development of a high magnetic field gradient and minimize stray fields ensures an adequate level of safety when using the tool. An important feature of magnetic systems is the fact that during surgery they allow simultaneous sterilization of damaged tissues.
    Magnetic systems have been transferred by scientists doctors Kharkiv, Donetsk and Lugansk regions and are implemented in practice many medical institutions, including the Military Medical Centre in the Northern region of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (Kharkiv.), 4th City Hospital ambulance and emergency medical aid ( m. Kharkiv), City Hospital. Happiness (Luhansk), Krasnoarmejsk Central Hospital (Donetsk region) and military mobile hospital and First Volunteer mobile hospital named after Nikolai Pirogov.

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