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Laser and Laser meters in industry, medicine and the military

10 April 2015, 12:31

   The unique design - digital receivers pyrometric measurement - the scope and scientists of the Institute of Physics of NAS of Ukraine told in the program "Gold reserve Ukraine" Bank Television channel.

   Current production is difficult to imagine without this unique technology to generate power as laser - an extremely powerful source of radiation and tools noncontact processing of various materials. To efficiently, reliably and safely use it, requires special measuring equipment that would control parameters and the accuracy of the beam. The development of such meters and scientists involved in the Institute of Physics of the NAS of Ukraine. This, they told Channel Bank Television in the program "Gold reserve Ukraine. Laser meter. "

   The laser is pure energy transfer which does not require any intermediaries and provides for two headend transmitter - the active medium (gas or solid state (usually - crystal)) and an optical resonator. As explained senior researcher of radiation detectors Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Leonid Levash when under the influence of light atoms of the active medium excited and moving to a new level of energy quanta of light begin to stand. Resonator, in turn, collects and publishes these quanta beam.

   The use of lasers gave a powerful impetus to science in solving many problems. Today it is widely used, particularly in industry (especially for cutting metal and dielectric materials) and medicine (ophthalmology, oncology, etc.). Another device developed on the basis of this relatively new technology - laser rangefinder, allowing it to determine the distance from Earth to the moon to within a meter.

   Given the nature of this energy source and its scope is very important to be able to measure its parameters - power, pulse energy, repetition rate, pulse duration, etc. - to play and control the process. Without such measurements can not operate any laser in the world, because they help to check the stability of the device. To this end, Ukrainian scientists have developed a special digital receivers pyrometric measurement pass type, connection cable (USB-cable) connected to any PC, suitable for display pictures Frontend.

   Detector detects the laser light using a special crystal mounted on a special charge and capable of producing electricity when heated. The digital signal from the crystal reaches the meter, which is processed by a microprocessor so that it can be transferred to your computer. The receiver, processing fee and a microprocessor to be very sensitive, because the impulses that produce some lasers are very short and lasts for one billionth of a second. The feature developed by scientists from the Institute of Physics of NAS of Ukraine receiver is that it can work with any lasers - regardless of the wavelength of light - and read parameters powerful lasers without interrupting the operation of the radiator. In addition, researchers have developed a special software with many different settings that yield characteristics of laser precision accuracy, and record and save them as separate files.

   Based on these meters researchers managed to construct another unique device that can be used for military purposes. Laser rangefinders and pointer help determine the distance to the target to perform accurate shot or missile launch. To counter the work pointer developed a special system of its discovery (although it's pretty easy to do, because in such cases using near infrared lasers) that the crew reported the object of military equipment on a potential threat. Earlier photodetectors used for registration of radiation were selective, ie waves recorded only a limited range, and thus proved insensitive to wave length does not leak at a specified interval. Therefore needed a versatile device that would respond to any length laser beam. Suitable for this is already mentioned pyroelectric receivers. Previously, they could not be used because no computer technology system was unable to detect the desired signal. When using computer technology and new algorithms able to ignore spurious signals piezo and their background isolate the desired signal.

   That device is the active component of the protection of armored vehicles and may well be used in combat. Since the armor is not always able to withstand the impact of modern weapons, should take precautionary safety measures.

   For example, guided missiles used against tanks, fly at speeds close to the sound, and the time approaching them (provided that the distance to the object is several kilometers), is a matter of seconds. On the other hand, has a tank cannon shells from which fly at speeds of up to three audio. This means that in detecting the laser rangefinder or pointer enemy crew can work proactively, causing a preemptive strike.

   More about the possibility of laser meters - in the "gold reserve. Laser meter "Bank Television Channel

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