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Academician knows how to make an effective Ukrainian science

03 February 2015, 11:32

    Reform can be "fast enough, but step by step", I'm sure David Statnikov.
    In order to maintain domestic science, and that it can not develop normally, it is necessary to take some unpopular measures, inform
    In an interview ZN.UA said Vice President of the Center of new technologies, Academician of UAS David Statnikov.
Firstly, according to the scientist, you need to keep the National Academy of Sciences and its scientific structure, moreover, enhance its role as a strategist and chief scientific research performer. In this case, the Academy should optimize its internal infrastructure to get rid of inefficient, or simply unnecessary institutions, retaining all the most effective and promising.
    Secondly, it is necessary to reduce to a reasonable minimum: a) the state apparatus (agencies, commissions, etc.), Which manages the science; b) the number of public universities; c) inefficient industrial science, while retaining the best scientific laboratories and research and production structure, securing them target their applications. In the sectoral science reduction - a temporary measure, to restore its role in the economy.
    Third, Statnikov proposes to merge with other national academies of NASU, eliminating ineffective and unnecessary research institutions, or to transfer them to the status of the public.
    Fourth, to recommend to the NAS to reduce the human studies that do not have strategic importance for the country. Useful for the development of the study can be converted into offices, universities and other academic, non-governmental centers, sure academician.
Fifth, you need real estate, land allocated for the use of NASU and other scientific organizations "dovіchno" but are not directly related to the science involved in the commercial sphere (sell, rent long-term lease) through the State Property Fund on the condition of the funds received from the sale or lease financing for science.
    Sixth, the establishment of the National Council for Science and Technology (totally independent body), the National Research Register, the State Fund for funding of basic and applied research. This fund may be cumulative. It should include: a) the budget financing of the studies included in the state register; b) basic (not competitive) funding of some fundamental studies recommended National Council and National Academy of Sciences; c) the financial support to organizations involved in the introduction of new technologies into the economy.
    The basic principle of research funding should be competition and order (except for some basic research) through the registry and the Fund.
Seventh, you need to significantly increase the salaries of scientists and to establish an effective system of incentives to attract young people to science it (contract, salary, housing).
    The last point is particularly important to attract young students to science, talented researchers today who do not see themselves in the Ukrainian science, said Statnikov.
    "The list of our proposals for reform does not end there. We actively participate in the work of the group on the reform of the scientific sphere. With extensive experience in different countries, as well as in the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, I venture to suggest that my findings and suggestions, as well as my young colleagues can be useful to Ukrainian science was a push for development and has become a kind of locomotive for the economy "- said the academician.
    He is convinced that reform can be "fast enough, but step by step." "We propose to do this in three phases (details are worked out), each of which may take less than a month. In the first stage, it is important to create the National Research Council, the State Register of basic and applied research and the State Fund for research funding. And then, as the great Amoz all go into the plane of self-regulation, "- said Statnikov.

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