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Безвідходне виробництво кальцинованої соди

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Опубликовано: 14 марта 2018 Дата окончания: 14 марта 2020
Страна: Україна

Ключевые слова:

кальційована сода

Тип технологии


Сфера применения

In the World 85% (about 42 ml. Tons per year) of soda ash is produced by Solvay ammonia technology.

In the production of ammonium chloride is formed, from which the milk of lime (a solution of Ca(OH)2) regenerate ammonia, and thus produce 9-10 m3 of waste production (distilled liquid - 10% solution of calcium chloride with 40-60% of the starting purified material NaCl) for each ton of produced soda. For the production of Ca(OH)2, produce waste in the form of limestone fines, lime kilns not burnt, burn coke, waste water, air and emit fumes of furnaces. Waste storage building and serve the tailings are struggling with the effects of environmental pollution. equipment of ammonization and regularly clean the carbonation of the build-up and stopped for maintenance. Terms of technology, economics and location of production dictate the construction companies - giants, they bind to the source of raw materials and waste storage sites. Enormous sums are spent on logistics. The total annual waste production is about 500 million tons.

We have invented a new waste-free energy-saving mode of production of soda without the inherent disadvantages of the method of Solvay.

The new technological chain - the combination (junction assembly) process units, which for centuries employed in various industries that are included in textbooks. Technology is justified by patents and patent applications in Ukraine. Technology research is to develop baseline data for the design and necessary for knots joining of modules installed. ROC is to create a new type of production, and requires the full amount of the development of design documentation.

All aspects of the innovative new production - eliminate all waste and sludge, lime kiln and lime milk preparation, columns ammonization and carbonation. Would no longer be 10% of the first departure of production and the associated additional product calcium chloride CaCl2, which cost in the market competes with the target product Na2CO3 - soda ash.

Due to the significant reduction in production equipment and energy costs, 100% e use of raw materials of sodium chloride - NaCl production costs will be reduced significantly.

Associated goods will increase the yield of 2-fold.

The method according to its configuration process is radically new, versatile, relatively compact, will perform the installation of low and medium power, to place in any geographic area without necessarily binding to the storage of waste production due to their absence, will significantly reduce the cost of logistics.

The new production will not be discharged into the environment each year about 500 million of solid, liquid and gaseous waste, saving millions of tons of primary energy.

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