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21 April 2015, 11:33

Inventions young scientists for the needs of soldiers ATO

   Students of Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine reported on its developments in the field of defense and medicine.
   Pupil ninth grade Julia Senyuta from the Ternopil region developed a project bronezahysnoho element for protecting light and heavy machinery. The girl was very strong motivation to work on the invention. "My uncle nine months ago, joined the army as a volunteer, took part in the fighting near Donetsk airport in Ilovaisky was seriously injured - said the girl. - He infantry fighting vehicle driver. " Julia began to think how to protect drivers and crews of light and heavy armor. Proposed inventor armor consists of two "pies". First - layers of rubber, silicone filler translated. Second - layered composite armor. Without disclosing details except to say that this "cake" provides cumulative jet dispersion as if hit with a grenade launcher and kinetic energy if pidkalibernyy whole shell, which is most commonly used in the area of ​​TU.

20 April 2015, 11:25

Scientists have put forward a new version on the composition of the Earth's core

    A team of specialists working in the walls of the Oxford Research Institute, said that they recently conducted research made it possible to create a completely new view on the composition of the nucleus that is inside our vast planet.
   According to them, the core consists mainly of uranium, which guarantees the stability of the magnetic field. The researchers also noted that uranium could be many centuries ago, during the convergence of Jupiter with the solar disk.

16 April 2015, 13:23

700 national and international experts spoke during the VI International Medical Forum

   During April 15-17 in exhibition center "KyivExpoPlaza" continues VI International Medical Forum "Innovations in Medicine - Health," which combines a powerful scientific and practical program with rich exposition part and creates an international platform for exchange of experience and training health professionals.
   The opening event was attended by MP Olga Bogomolets, vice president of NAMS of Ukraine Vitaliy Tsymbaliuk rector named after NMAPE PL, Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine, Professor George Voronenko, Deputy Head of Department - Head of Maternity and Childhood Health Ministry of Ukraine Valentine Kolomeychuk
   The event is supported by the President of Ukraine, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. PLShupik, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, State Service of Ukraine on drugs, Kyiv City State Administration and under the auspices of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Public Health.

13 April 2015, 12:09

How to get cheap energy from water: interesting development

   Scientists from the University of Colorado at Boulder have developed a new method of environmentally friendly fuel - hydrogen - from solar energy and water. The developers claim that their invention allows to obtain cheap energy, and most importantly - the process is environmentally friendly.
   The idea of ​​scientists is to split water into oxygen and hydrogen using solar energy. For the reaction will need oxides of metals (iron, cobalt and aluminum) and high temperatures - some components need to warm up to 1350 degrees Celsius.
   Water will be available in special tanks, mounted on top of the tower at a height of several tens of meters. Aimed at tower plenty of mirrors help collect energy at one point and heat some substance to the desired temperature.

10 April 2015, 12:31

Laser and Laser meters in industry, medicine and the military

    The unique design - digital receivers pyrometric measurement - the scope and scientists of the Institute of Physics of NAS of Ukraine told in the program "Gold reserve Ukraine" Bank Television channel.

   Current production is difficult to imagine without this unique technology to generate power as laser - an extremely powerful source of radiation and tools noncontact processing of various materials. To efficiently, reliably and safely use it, requires special measuring equipment that would control parameters and the accuracy of the beam. The development of such meters and scientists involved in the Institute of Physics of the NAS of Ukraine. This, they told Channel Bank Television in the program "Gold reserve Ukraine. Laser meter. "

   The laser is pure energy transfer which does not require any intermediaries and provides for two headend transmitter - the active medium (gas or solid state (usually - crystal)) and an optical resonator. As explained senior researcher of radiation detectors Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Leonid Levash when under the influence of light atoms of the active medium excited and moving to a new level of energy quanta of light begin to stand. Resonator, in turn, collects and publishes these quanta beam.

10 April 2015, 11:54

National Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and students' Aerospace: The state Achievements and Prospects "at the Kirovograd Flight Academy NAU

   April 9, 2015 in Kirovograd Flight Academy National Aviation University hosted 35 National Scientific Conference, which is the result of traditional research and creative work of young scientists and students throughout the year.
   While studying at the academy cadets have the opportunity to receive not only knowledge of their chosen profession, and to get experience first and foremost - the first results in the operating time of their intellectual property through a combination of educational process and practice of research and innovation, be it in a scientific journal article, any aa first report on the scientific conference.
   In addition to the conference and graduate students participated spacecraft NAU students Kremenchug Flight College of National Aviation University, Kirovograd national technical university, Kirovograd Cybernetic and Technical College, the Black Sea State University. Mohyla (m. Mykolaiv), Kirovograd State Pedagogical University named after V. Vynnychenka Pervomaiskoho Polytechnic Institute Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, Chernivtsi University and other universities.

09 April 2015, 11:42

Ukraine signed two agreements with NATO

   Government decides on the signature of two NATO cooperation documents, including military-technical sphere.
   On this, opening a government meeting, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, reports Ukrinform.
   "Two acts related to our security and defense. The government decides on the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Ukraine with the NATO Communications and Information regarding cooperation on consultation, control, communications, intelligence, surveillance within the NATO "Partnership for Peace" - he said.


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