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The drug "Ekolan-M" to address the effects of oil pollution of the environment

20 February 2015, 12:26

   Scientists of the Institute of Microbiology and Virology by DK Zabolotnoho NAS of Ukraine developed sorbent oil - drug "Ekolan M".
   Results pollution Environmental chemicals such as oil and oil urge to seek purification ecosystems exposed to harmful effects. To this end, researchers of the Institute of Microbiology and Virology by DK Zabolotnoho NAS Ukraine polibakterialnyy drug developed a new generation of "Ekolan M".
   The specified innovative design has several important advantages over the known and most widely used in Ukraine domestic medications used for environmental clean-up of oil pollution in oil. The product contains a highly active strains naftookysnyh composition of bacteria immobilized on naftopohlynalnomu sorbent, and nutrients. Actinobacteria, which are part of the drug is highly adapted to assimilate hydrocarbons capable of synthesis of surface-active substances that exhibit properties emulhatsiyi that enables them to carry out destruction as rozchynyuvanyh and not rozchynyuvanyh water oil components. An important characteristic of environmental actinobacteria is their ability to degradation of hydrocarbons in the presence of nitrates mikroaerobnyh, providing survival and maintaining high activity naftookysnoyi ecotypes with decreased oxygen contents - such as ground water and bottom sediments.
Microorganisms detect drug resistance to adverse environmental factors, they are able to actively absorb hydrocarbons in a wide range of salinity environment (0,05-7,0% NaCl), temperature (from +10 to + 42 ° C) and acid-base balance (4, 5-9,0). They learn a wide range of hydrocarbons (crude oil, petroleum oils, diesel and jet fuel, gasoline, kerosene and other petroleum products). The final products of decomposition of these substances are environmentally neutral compounds that do not carry the negative impact on the environment. After the cleaning process biomass introduced and propagated in contaminated environment microbial drug dies and turns into organic substances that contribute to the development of natural microflora and restore ecosystems.
   Production of the drug "Ekolan M" is made for hydrocarbons (diesel). This allows you to get microorganisms adapted to the actual conditions of pollution and does not require prior activation of the drug before use.
   As a result of trial design and the degree of degradation of oil hydrocarbons was 97% in the pond water - 99.4%. Established that purified using this drug soil stimulates the growth and development of crops, including alfalfa for yield increase was recorded at 42%. Standard tests on crustaceans, algae and higher aquatic plants showed no environmental risk to aquatic freshwater ecosystems using the drug for treating water from oil zabrudnen.Na currently are being pilot tests
modeling soil and water.
    Information from the Institute of Microbiology and Virology by DK Zabolotnoho NAS of Ukraine
   Materials published: Press office NAS of Ukraine

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