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«КАРБОН» - углеродный гемосорбент нового поколения

12 March 2015, 12:56

 Scientists of the Institute of Sorption and Problems Endoecology Ukraine developed an innovative carbon hemosorbent to clean the blood outside the body.
   Carbon Hemosorbents to clean the blood outside the body used in clinical practice as an effective means of detoxification for poisoning and a number of serious diseases. They must meet the complex set of medical and technical requirements, namely to be biocompatible with blood, have high mechanical strength and a strong sorption capacity in a wide range of harmful and toxic substances that accumulate in the blood of patients. To satisfy these requirements can only materials with desired surface chemistry, porosity developed in a very wide range of pore sizes and large specific surface values ​​of indicators of internal pores.

Read more about the event in the newspaper "The World":
Information from the Institute for Sorption and Problems Endoecology Ukraine

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